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2024 New Drops:

Hindu Pupil 1/5. Innervision, Hindu Watermelon 2/2. Ketchup Haze Fem 2/23. Prayer Glue F2 Fem 3/1. Hindu Laos 3/15. Kernel PuTang S1 Fem 4/5. Platinum Pupil Punch Fem 4/20. Chem 91 x Laos Landrace 4/20. OG Kush x Star Pupil Fem 5/?. LAPK x SP Fem 6/7. Bubba Prayer Fem 7/5. Chem Pupil V2 Fem 8/2. TK Bx2 September or later.

Note for Instagram users: We do not sell anything on Instagram, if someone using our name tries to sell you anything, they are a fake impersonation account, do not fall for it. There are plenty of fake IG accounts impersonating breeders. Our seeds can only be obtained through our Authorized Vendors.

Our Super Lemon Pupil just got named in Leafly's "The best new cannabis strains to grow in 2022"

Mass Medical Strains varieties flowers can be found across Massachusetts at Recreational 21+ Dispensaries, grown by Ocean Breeze Cultivators!

2020: Our new Anaphylaxis strain took home 3rd Place Indoor Flower at Gage Green's Organic Cup! Feminized Seeds out now!

9/21/19: Our PuTang strain just took 1st Place Flower at Commonwealth Cannabis Cup and was featured in High Times Magazine Top 10 Strains of 2019!


Welcome to our website! This site contains information on our philosophy, our strains, and where to obtain our seeds to collect your very own organic Mass Medical Strains!

We are a collective of atoms working together in living harmony creating a unique positive vibration. All plants are grown and bred 100% organically with no additives. We believe in copying nature as much as possible, to stay wholesome and true to our souls, health, and the environment. Most plants are grown with nothing but soil and water, as nature intended. We share a deep connection with the plant and breed based on knowledge passed down from our elders and role models, as well as personal experience and strong intuition, creativity, and passion. Our sacred bond with this plant, as well as very high standards and a love for rare genetics fuels our passion to breed the best unique plants. Unique effects and flavors are some of our top priorities for our unique strains, keeping them special and extremely enjoyable.

We have come out into the community because of so much local positive feedback and demand, as well as an international presence where our purple strains have been gaining attention as some of the most stable, potent, and enjoyable new varieties. This is all a hobby, a side project in life. It is not done with money as a goal, and therefore all actions are done as a labor of love. The vibes translate to the plants, as they are grown and bred with good intentions and a positive wholesome energy that passes on to anyone who comes in contact with them. Each plant is harvested with a spoken prayer, giving the plant wholesome intentions and positive vibes. We follow no religion, we just believe in the energy of the universe as a complex, interconnected force.

Mass Medical Strains is dedicated to enriching and uplifting the cannabis community. We have raised and donated enough money to fund the entire construction of the Nanda Devi Cannabis Library which is being built this year (2021) in the Himalayas and is the first of its kind in the world! We have also donated through Green Bodhi to build a well offering clean water to a community in India! Lots of great ways in which our work with this plant can benefit people :) We have official collaboration strains with some of the world’s top breeders and cultivators such as Dman Seeds, Green Bodhi, Katsu, Thug Pug, Well Grown Seeds, Aloha Island Genetics, Indian Landrace Exchange, Gage Green, Eastcoasterdam, DFG, and have more collaborations in the works with over 20 more like-minded breeders! We are dedicated to creating the best unique cultivars and enriching everyone else’s experience! Enjoy our podcast that has taught over 40,000 growers new skills and perspectives in growing, selection, mindfulness with the plant, and even sharing advanced breeding skills, to informative posts on Instagram. We encourage others to breed with our seeds.

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