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Acapulco Pupil - Acapulco Gold x Star Pupil

Oldschool smokers will remember the incredible golden Mexican sativa imports of back in the day, Acapulco Gold. A soaring sativa buzz! Crossed with the Star Pupil, you will find plants that are slightly more "modernized" in their density and frost, yet retain almost all of their initial sativa qualities, just a whole lot easier to grow indoors and some amazing purple phenotypes as well! These plants should not be grown too long in the vegetative stage as they have a massive stretch period and a long flower time, I like to sprout them directly in the flower room in their final pots. Long flowering sativas like this are not as challenging to grow as you would think, they just require patience. A very light feeder, a small fabric pot with organic supersoil is all you need! Plastic pots are not recommended. Flowers approximately 12-20 weeks. Not for beginners! Prefers ~11 hours of lighting in its flower period. Effects are incredibly powerful and enjoyable. A slow beginning, the intensity of the high creeps up stronger and stronger and can last for many hours. Lots of laughs and happiness, energy and motivation. Great social or daytime buzz, with a classic mexican sativa intoxicating type of feel!


Flavor: Nature, oldschool sativa citrus.

Effect: Happy, laughing, racy, open mind, energized, refreshed, social, paranoid. Unique oldschool sativa qualities compared to modern sativa hybrids.

Flower Time: 84-140 days

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Height: Tall

Difficulty: Advanced

Thc: 18.3%

Availability: Feminized seeds available at Neptune and DC.

(Acapulco Gold female via Bodhi seed stock, Antaguiar's Selection)


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