Black Hole Sun - (Black Triangle x Sunshine Daydream) x Anaphylaxis

Black Hole Sun is a very special feminized hybrid with an amazing pedigree! The mother is a Black Triangle x Sunshine Daydream from Bodhi Seeds, a limited release where only 50 packs were put out in total. This plant had insane frost and density, with a strong potent og kush buzz and flavor. Black Triangle is like an "improved Triangle Kush" in my opinion, one of the best kushes I had ever tried, and this cross surely takes some great traits from it. The Sunshine Daydream is a really good vibe strain as well and seems to change the feeling of the high compared to Black Triangle alone. I crossed this hybrid with my Anaphylaxis to add some more flare to it, increasing bud size on many phenotypes giving it a huge yield! It also added vigor, and on some phenotypes, some haze and citrus tones. However the primary terpenes range from cheese, sweet, spice, to straight intense og kush, as well. There's some nice variety within so you can choose your favorite expressions in this amazing poly hybrid creation! 

Aroma: Very intense. Cheese, sweet, spice, gnarly rank odors, lemon, haze, some straight fuel and OG kush terps.

Stretch: 2x

Yield: Very high. Branches benefit from support like trellis or stakes. Some phenos grow massive buds and some medium, both with heavy trichome coverage and dense flowers. Buds may flop down and hit the ground if unsupported. Early support encourages even larger flower formations.