Pineapple Flo - Pineapple Fields x Flo

For the true sativa lover! Bred from two of our favorite strains from years past. This is a cross of Pineapple Fields and Flo. Both were chosen for their characteristic "up" highs as well as growth characteristics, flavor and yield. Flavors in these offspring range from pineapple, chocolate, earthy, sour, sweet, pleasant, to blue raspberry candy. Plants stretch 3-4x and flower for 10-11 weeks. Beautiful, chunky, resinous buds with foxtail sativa structure, some put on purple coloration toward the end. Expect a true skyrocket sativa high which can only be found in longer flowering plants such as these. Limited edition 2017 release.

Click here for complete lab results including cannabinoid and terpene profiles.