Crystal Castles - Prayer Tower Sativa #2 x Salmon River OG

Crystal Castles is an extremely high yielding, potent variety with delicious notes of bubblegum and chocolate cream with heavily coated resinous colas. A very pleasant and powerful high, introspective chatty and social to psychedelic and long lasting. They grow with a sturdy frame and produce giant flowers which are always extra impressive. Finishes in approximately 8 weeks, can be taken longer or shorter depending on preference. Very commercially viable, and enjoyable for the pickiest connoisseurs. A combination of our very special, uplifting and delicious Prayer Tower #2 female, and the heavy Salmon River OG male.

Flavor: Bubblegum, Chocolate, Sweet, Lightly Floral/Fruity

Effect: Thoughtful, introspective, social, talkative, psychedelic.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Super Heavy

Height: Medium-Tall

20% Thc.