Dandelion Gum - (Amnesia Haze x Star Pupil) x Blue Magoo Bx2

Dandelion Gum is our newest Haze offering for those sativa lovers! Now for the first time, we've preserved those unique haze flower traits on an even shorter, easy to grow plant for any level of grower. With a moderate bloom time of approximately 9 weeks, you can get full on haze quality buds! We've started with an incredible personal selection of Amnesia Haze, and through the generations have selected for haze dominant phenotypes. The effects are absolutely devastating, extremely potent and downright dangerous for the beginner or casual toker. These varieties are meant for those with a higher tolerance, or looking for an intense experience. Flavors are enticing and can easily lead to overindulgence, these haze flavors contain the legendary frankincense phenos as well as a major presence of butter and citrus! A classic Amsterdam style haze, not often found in American genetics these days. Plants will be haze dominant with various degrees of influence from the Star Pupil and Blue Magoo Bx2 adding shades of purple and hints of pupil and berry to make the haze flavors even more complex. These plants have major potential for high flower yields and great extractions from copious resin. Some recessive phenotypes have strong blueberry aroma. High terpene content.


Limited Edition

Flavor: Bright and sharp, butter, lemon, citrus, haze, some with frankincense, some with berry and pupil tones mixed in.

Effect: Intense cerebral high, racy, energetic, motivation, laughter, confusion or panic is possible. Some phenos may be appetite suppressing.

Flower Time: 9-10 weeks

Stretch: Medium

Yield: High

Height: Medium

High terpene content!