Golden PuTang - Golden Pineapple (C99 x White Widow) x PuTang

A collaboration with Green Bodhi, the Golden PuTang is a fantastic sativa-dominant hybrid with intense terpenes, high potency, and incredible vigor. A really nice plant with incredible aromas and flavors, and a high yield. Expect sweet fruity flavors of pineapple, deep putrid sour orange, with skunky, hazy and gassy sharpness. A fantastic resin profile and texture, super gooey. These plants have a great yield and a solid 3x stretch, they do well with topping and you can save time in veg, flower them a bit smaller than many other strains because of their vigorous growth rate in the first 28 days of flower! A very rewarding cultivar, with a strong mental high. Many users have reported that this strain is very anti-anxiety for them, while also being stimulating, energetic, happy, creative, and thought provoking! I really love the way that the PuTang crosses well with sativa dominant varieties, and the Golden Pineapple is so special! She literally drips resin onto the sides of a jar. A cross of C99 and White Widow, the Golden Pineapple is a clone that Green Bodhi has held for over 20 years, and its easy to see why! This plant was a perfect match for my cup winning PuTang strain, which meshes really well with sativa. MMS is donating 4 more wells to be built through this collaboration via Green Bodhi’s water charity! Together and thanks to your support too, more communities will have access to clean water for the first time!

Golden PuTang also includes Golden Pupil as an exclusive freebie! Click here to see Golden Pupil info.

Aroma: Strong juicy pineapple sharp with some phenos having putrid orange funk too.

Stretch: 3x

Yield: Very high. Branches benefit from support like trellis or stakes. Some phenos grow massive buds and some medium, both with heavy trichome coverage and dense flowers. Buds may flop down and hit the ground if unsupported. Early support encourages even larger flower formations.