Triangle Pupil x Indigo Child Bx1

Indigo Triangle is my ultimate Purple Kush creation! Starting with the highly sought-after Triangle Kush clone, believed to be mother of all OG kushes and one of the best kush phenotypes around. I crossed this with Star Pupil to make Triangle Pupil, and then hunted the heaviest, kushiest, most narcotic and delicious Triangle dominant pheno I could find. I then combined that with my extremely potent resinous purple male of Indigo Child Bx1 to lock in some purple traits and more pupil subtleties while keeping that Kush power up front! Yield is increased over the original Triangle Pupil as well.


(Triangle Pupil (TK dom pheno) x Indigo Child Bx1 (29% thc frosty purple male #8)


Heavy indica with extreeeeme kush flavor and a back end of delicious pupil tones too!

Flavor: OG Kush, gas, with pupil candy funk behind it! Super STRONG and mouth coating.

Effect: Powerful vibes, OG style high with more pupil uplifting head effect, stony yet bright.

Flower Time: 8-9 week

Yield: Medium-High

Height: Medium. Does well with topping. 2-3x Stretch.

Regular Seeds dropping June 4! 

image0 copy 3.jpeg