Nepali Blue - Nepalese White Mountain Charas Sativa Heirloom x Blue Magoo Bx2

Nepali Blue is a limited edition heirloom preservation project. A Nepalese White Mountain Charas Sativa collected in 2009. Crossed with our special selection of the Blue Magoo BX2 resinous male with mostly recessive traits, the Nepali shines through in the flavor and effects range. This plant is also solid and easy to grow with insane levels of frost. The flavor is reminiscent of fruity bright peanuts with berry earthy undertones; absolutely delicious. The high comes on strong and fast, but very uplifting and positively introspective that then mellows out to a smooth calm ride with positivity and functionality.  This bud is very good for anxiety and depression, as well as headache relief and pure bliss. 


Flavor: Berry, fruity, nutty, smokey background.

Effect: Uplifting, anti-depressive, calm and functional.

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Medium-Heavy

Height: Medium-Tall

Availability: Last few packs ever at Neptune, Great Lakes, and Labyrinth! Almost gone for good.