Peaceful Child (Tenzin Kush 4 x Ancient OG) x Indigo Child Bx1

With love, excitement, passion, strength, creativity, and happiness, Mass Medical Strains is proud to announce it’s 100th release, the Peaceful Child! 

Peaceful Child is a very special collaboration with a good friend of mine, Green Bodhi.

Crossing an exceptional female of his Tenzin Kush 4 x Ancient OG with my ridiculous frosty 29% thc Indigo Child Bx1 purple male, this is one of the best ICbx1 combinations out of many!

Strong, vigorous plants that display a combination of both our personalities and styles. Expect some of the best power, terps, frost, bag appeal, and mind appeal that both Mass Medical and Green Bodhi have to offer!

Flowers are colorful and frosty, some are green with pink streaks throughout and some are deeper purple throughout.

Both parents are proven winners both indoors and outdoors, so you can expect these plants to thrive in practically any climate! Tested in both warm and cold, humid and dry, they should be exceptionally productive and mold resistant.

The highs of both parents will come together beautifully, with a very strong, mindful and intense head high, combined with some of the best pain relief qualities and overall well-being. This is both an exciting and introspective, thoughtful and meditative mindset, combined with great medicinal values on the body.

Flavor: Kushy candied pupil mix, with unique tones of jasmine, lilac, ginger, og kush.

Effect: Meditative, introspective, pain relief, stress relief! Good vibes and high potency.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks, or Early October outdoors. Mold resistant.

Yield: High

Height: Medium. Does well with topping. 2x Stretch.