Here at Mass Medical Strains we produce all our seeds organically with love and smiles. Each seed batch is thoroughly tested in multiple environments to ensure stability and desirable traits, before being released. Even our limited one-time release batches go through our rigorous testing process. All packs are heat sealed for authenticity and seeds are in a crush proof container inside the package.
Our seeds are small batch and most of them are limited editions. Please browse all the different seed banks if there's something you're looking for, you may get lucky and find some!
To get Mass Medical Strains seeds, check out the following websites. They are all located in the USA and ship quickly, safely, and discretely to any location. It is up to you to know your local laws and follow them accordingly. We do not sell seeds nor condone any activities. Mass Medical Strains souvenir seeds can be ordered by anyone from the following seedbanks:
For international, visit: - UK/Europe - Canada - Canada - Australia
top shelf seed bank - Australia
Many medical dispensaries offer our strains on their menus! Feel free to reach out to your local dispensaries and ask them to carry Mass Medical Strains genetics.