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Hindu Pupil - (Purple Hindu Kush x Afghani M10) x Star Pupil

This plant was designed to inspire meaningful connection and positive personal insight. Kind of like a remake of the PuTang, the terpenes and effects are in a very similar realm! The mother is a cross of a very special Purple Hindu Kush clone and the Afghani M10 from Super Sativa Seed Club, crossed together by Crickets and Cicada and pheno hunted by me. I hunted this along with many other PHK crosses to find the best plant after smoking the PHK grown by Green Bodhi which was a very special high! The plant I found was even better, to my preferences, for it was more uplifting and retained the psychoactivity, with a similar yet even stronger flavor. I would best describe it as a sort of more psychedelic version of Tangie. Combining this PHK x Afghani with the Star Pupil, created a really epic gene pool with some of the best of both worlds. These plants yield higher than the PHK x M10 alone, have plenty of purple colors, amazing resin, and wonderful effects! Expect focused, uplifted mood, phenomenal sexual energy with your partner, and creative universal perspectives wherever you shift your attention! The effects on this strain are really something unique and impactful. Produces crazy amounts of resin with thick resin rails, super beautiful flowers. High potential for outdoors too!

The high on this one is very special and magnifies everything to be itself more clearly and fully, you really notice and feel everything around you. Removes stress you didn't know you even had! Super calm and relaxed, in tune at the same time.

Flavor: Orange mixed with pupil funk, sharp like a solvent with some heavy tones behind it, multi layered flavor.

Effect: Immersive, focused, in tune, spiritual, connected, open, laughter, euphoric, happy, creative, sensual, wellbeing, antidepressive, colorful. Relaxed and stress-relieving.

Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: Medium

Height: Medium 2-2.5x Stretch

Availability: Fem seeds January 5, 2024

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