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ChemDMT - Chem D S3

Chem DMT is one of the most intense smelling flowers around, and with a really cool story behind it! I had gotten a chance to smoke some herb grown by Chemdog himself, and on my journey there I dreamed of obtaining a lucky bagseed in his herb. The Chem D S1 that Chemdog grew was a fantastic smoke, so much different than the normal vibe I gravitate toward, and I loved it a lot too! It practically shut your brain off and glued you to the couch, but in a refreshing and relaxing way. It turns out that the universe had a gift for me, and the Chem D S1 bud had both a nanner and a seed right next to it! I popped this seed, hoping for the best, and lucked out with a very unique plant. To my surprise this plant had a super gnarly mothball dmt smell to it, that was louder than any plant in the room. Extensive stress testing proved this cut to be a stable one as well, which is a very lucky thing to find in a bagseed like this! I ran this plant outdoors and indoors, with great results in both. She is surprisingly vigorous and high yielding too, and has really outstanding performance outdoors where our weather is unforgiving. She resists PM and bud rot like a pro. Indoors she is a heavy feeder and a great producer. These buds are some of the strongest smelling around and have a very distinct smell reminiscent of dmt with a garlic skunk smell behind it. A strong classic high to take you home. I made S3 feminized seeds which stabilized this expression in a consistent seed form. For an S3, I was very surprised that they keep the original vigor and stability of the mother, it's all about the plant selection. This is a truly special seed line and a big gift from the universe. A must have for any Chem lover, especially those who prefer the D line, it's a real unique offshoot of the Chem D!

Flavor: Dmt, mothball, garlic, fuel, skunk, musky

Effect: Potent, heavy, euphoric, classic powerful stone.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: High

Height: Vigorous, 2-3x Stretch

Difficulty: Easy to grow, rewarding, vigorous, big yielding. Heavy feeder.

THC: 20%

Terpenes: Ocimene, terpinene, limonene, followed by 15 additional trace terpenes

Trace cannabinoids: 1.08% CBGa, .15% CBG, .21% CBCa

Availability: Feminized seed release on 6/2/23!

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