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Goji Pupil V1 (Goji OG MMS Cut x Star Pupil) *Freebie*

Our 2019 Freebie Goji Pupil (V1) is an insanely frosty and potent plant. Effects are extremely strong and should be consumed with caution, even very experienced tokers have felt like they were dying or couldn't handle the intensity! Phenotypes are ranging from racy light pink buds to sedative deep purples. Flowers are coated in a thick white layer of trichomes. Extremely high bag appeal and intense aromas ranging from berry musk to hashy and sweet. Flowers have large oversized calyx and OG style node spacing, many with a fantastic calyx to leaf ratio, easy and quick to trim. Some phenotypes are very high yielding. The Goji OG cut used in the cross was an exceptionally tasty and psychedelic smoke, with deep connections to nature and loss of ego plus dissolving habitual thought patterns, very special head to it. She passes on a lot of these traits in this cross, sometimes with even more intensity.

Approximately 20% of females on this unique combination have intersex (hermaphrodite) traits indoors. Many keeper phenos are waiting to be found by those who are willing to keep a close eye in the first four weeks of flowering. Indoor growers have had great success with these plants over all and keep coming back for more. Outdoors these plants are more stable, please keep a close eye on them to be careful. These plants are a pheno hunters delight for those who want some exclusive top shelf flower that nobody else has. From intense potency to looks and flavor, they've got it all!


Flavor: Hashy, sweet, berry, musk, pupil funk

Effect: Tripped out, racing thoughts, paranoia, deep body stone, altered mindset. Very strong!

Flower Time: 62-72 days.

Yield: Heavy

Height: Medium

Availability: Freebie packs (feminized seeds) come with all MMS seeds for 2019 while supplies last at all our distributors. Feel free to request them during checkout to ensure you will get the freebie you want!


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