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Star Pupil x Weapon X

Our 2019 Freebie Star Pupil x Weapon X is a very special seed line of some of the world's most enjoyable unique purple strains all coming together! Star Pupil is our flagship purple strain with fantastic happy and introspective enlightenment. Weapon X is a combination of Mendocino Purple and Pakistani Purple, bred by Nspecta. It's another purple strain that is very enjoyable and has unique flavor and effect. Combined with Star Pupil, this Weapon X cross is an amazing purple gene pool! Phenotypes range between various traits of all parents, and can exhibit a variety of aromas and effects. My favorite is the pineapple mushroom pheno, with super dark tall sativa shaped buds and a special raw mushroom aroma with sharp pineapple undertones! Other plants have delicious creamy vanilla terps from the Mendocino Purple, and various amounts of Pupil funk shine through on all phenos in various amounts as well. Plants grow massive fan leaves and are medium to heavy producers, some producing extremely large colas! Deep purple coloration on flowers, most from the onset of bloom. Thick stalks and strong medicinal value. Most phenotypes are geared towards deep relaxation and heavy medicinal relief, both physical and mentally. Some may be slightly energetic for some people. Due to the nature of the heirloom and landrace strains used, these plants are a bit finicky indoors, approximately 25% of females show mild intersex (hermaphrodite) traits indoors. With a close eye these phenos can still be grown seedless, as it's usually a single ball or nanner down low that needs to be removed. Many keeper phenos are waiting to be found by those who are willing, and they should perform fantastic outdoors! Indoor growers have had great success with these plants as well.


Flavor: Ranges from pineapple, raw mushroom, vanilla cream, grape candy, deep purple, with various Pupil funk.

Effect: Calm, relaxed, sleepy, hungry, happy, intense body pleasure.

Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: Heavy

Height: Medium-Tall

Availability: Freebie packs (5 regular seeds) come with all MMS seeds for 2019 while supplies last at all our distributors. Feel free to request them during checkout to ensure you will get the freebie you want!


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