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Kernel's PuTang - Kernel Haze x PuTang

Kernel's PuTang is our latest extreme sativa dominant hybrid! Another standout strain comes from the PuTang genetics, this time crossed with WellGrown's Kernel Haze (Super Lemon Haze x Van Apple Sour.) These plants are haze influenced to the highest degree, an order above our Heavenly and Deadly Sativa lines even! The Kernel's PuTang has been known to make experienced smokers question if it was laced... but it's not! Grow it yourself and see, it's just some of the most psychoactive, devastating haze effects that are signature of such high caliber sativas. Extremely unforgiving high potency, as well as some of the best aromas and flavors that put a huge smile on your face every day in the garden. Extremely high pitch citrus and orange tones with overwhelming haze zest and pupil funk, especially on the purple phenotypes. There are some green flowering phenotypes which are denser and more balanced, and the purple pheno is the ultimate sativa haze experience!

Flower Time: 10 weeks

Flavor: Sharp haze, citrus, orange, lemon, pupil funk, laquer

Effects: Uplifting, energetic, euphoric, paranoid, racy, psychedelic

Yield: Heavy

Height: Tall

Thc: Coming Soon%

Coming Soon, March 2020!


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