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Vx1000 - Prayer Glue 7 x Chemdog 91

The Vx1000 strain is my tribute to the good old days, where everything old and classic is somehow the best. These seeds produce some of the highest quality green herb there is, and it's actually the closest representation to the original Chemdog 91 in seed form out of all the lines I've made for 2023 Year of the Chem. These plants grow taller, and bigger buds than the Chem 91 does. The terpene profile and effects are so similar to the 91, so it's a great way to get some chemdog into your life! Some take on a bud structure that resembles Sour Diesel a bit and some look more Chemdog style. You'll find the trademark flat top buds the 91 is known for, in some plants, while other plants have more pointy shape buds. These are extremely gooey. The main difference from Chem 91 is that these have even more of a dead skunk smell. It is easily my most traditionally SKUNKY strain I've ever had! This is also slightly more "sativa" in its trippiness but is mainly that heavy hitting chemdog experience. Needs a fresh carbon filter, these terpenes are extremely intense! This strain has high THC up to 29% on our first lab tests, plus up to 10 additional trace cannabinoids, giving her a very special and intense effect!

Flavor: Nearly spot on Chem 91 flavor, super dank, skunky gassy fuely weed.

Effect: Heavy, psychoactive, vivid, dreamy, trippy, intense.

Flower Time: 9-10 weeks

Yield: High

Height: Vigorous, 2.5-3.5x Stretch

Difficulty: Topping for increased yield. Clean up lower branches that get little light in week 2 of flower.

THC: 29%

Terpenes: 2.31% (over 1.2% is myrcene!) See slide 29 for terpene profile.

Trace cannabinoids: THCV, THCVa, CBGa, CBLa, CBG, CBCa, CBN, CBC, CBD, CBDa.

Availability: Limited feminized seed release on 4/20/23!

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