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Doggiestyle - PuTang S1 x Chemdog 91

Doggiestyle is THE strongest PuTang hybrid I have ever created! Seriously stoked at the power these girls have, and an amazing thing is I've been working at the same joint for multiple days and it still has phenomenal flavor every time I light it back up. One hit does it for me, a sign of very high potency herb. This is a cross of PuTang S1 Guaiol pheno (no myrcene) x Chemdog91 aka Chem91. The chemdog is some of my favorite smoke and has an undeniable intensity and an incredible head. The PuTang S1 I used in this hybrid is different than the pheno I normally breed with, and worked really well because the thc levels in these plants were all 27%-29%, whereas the original PuTang mom typically puts out 18-20%ers in any cross. Every pheno breeds uniquely, and this one REALLY crushes! Super strong high that blasts you into euphoria instantly. A great blue spruce pine, gas, and citrus flavor mix, very uniform across the gene pool. Fat chunky chemmy nugs with some pupil purple color in the mix. Smoking this one gets your heart rate up, resting maybe 20bpm higher than normal, straight jazzed up and ready to go, in wonder of everything and anything. These seeds will be dropping on Valentines Day as a tribute to the vibe... it is good sex weed, too, it's really good for anything. The high starts out so intense and connected feeling, keeps you going for a while, and then gradually mellows out over a long time, you might be laughing inappropriately at a serious situation a few hours later after this one. Mark your calendars now cause there's been a lot of attention for this one and you won't wanna miss out, it's not gonna be remade once they run out. The Guaiol terpene which is normally only a minor cannabinoid, is dominant in the mother to this strain and to these plants as well, and it is really super special. The only water-based terpene, it feels like it's soothing to your throat and lungs when you smoke it, and it holds its flavor for soooo long even when re lit! Some rare stuff coming out in this unique Chem cross :) There are green and pink phenos, and they are intensely potent. Some very intense good vibes. Pink pheno tested at 29% thc, green pheno tested at 28% thc. Easy to grow and high yielding, insane terpene intensity, use a fresh carbon filter in your room!

Flavor: Blue spruce pine, classic chemdog funk, fuel, gas, oil, orange, citrus

Effect: Very intense, super happy, mindful and universally connected feeling blissful, smooth body, glowing visual space. Heady and very intense, high energy without panic.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: High

Height: Medium

Difficulty: Easy. Topping once or twice can increase yield.

Availability: Feminized seeds drop on Valentines Day, February 14, 2023, 4:20pm

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