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Sour Pupil - Sour Diesel x Star Pupil

Sour Pupil is a unique hybrid of the original clone-only Sour Diesel, a legendary East Coast staple, combined with the Star Pupil mother cut reversed! These two plants come together in a fantastic way with hardy stable offspring (to my surprise, as the Sour Diesel on its own is so finicky!) The hybrid vigor in this cross is very interesting as these plants have a more stout structure than the Sour, but grow much more easily! A forgiving strain with great yields and a soaring high that makes this hybrid perfect for daytime or party vibes! A great social and creative effect, can be a bit racy and trippy too. These plants were tested both indoors and outdoors (in the northeast) with great results.

Flavor: Sour diesel, gasoline, pupil funk, candy berry grape, fuel

Effect: Intense headspace perfect for creativity and activities. Racy and energetic, sometimes trippy.

Flower Time: 7-9 weeks, or early October outside.

Yield:  High

Height: Short to Medium

Difficulty: Easy. High yielding, hardy plants with strong branches and large buds.

Availability: Feminized Seeds limited to 185 Packs. December 2, 2022, 4:20pm

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