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Acapulco Gold - Pure Mexican Landrace Sativa

This is a rare, vintage strain which is extremely hard to come by these days. If you haven’t smoked this original import decades ago, chances are your parents or grandparents did, and it’s all they talk about (still!)


Landrace strains are pure genetic lines which evolved in a particular region to be a certain way over long periods of time. This is much different than the hybrid strains that people breed by crossing two strains together. Pure landraces have much more unique traits to them, and often with that comes a very very unique type of high!


These seeds are really special, pure, vintage sativa landrace seeds. For those who don’t believe there is a difference between indica and sativa, they have not grown these seeds! Flipping them to flower at 8 inches tall, topped 2-4 times, you can expect a finished plant between 4-6 feet tall, with massive yields. Save big on veg time, they do most of their growth in the first weeks of flower. Depending on phenotype, these can take 12-24 weeks to bloom. They’re easier to grow than it sounds, and they’re a perfect addition to any perpetual flower room. Prefers high intensity light, and if you trim away all the shaded lower and middle branches, you will get really full fat tops! An amazing citrusy sativa aroma and zingy flavor. A high that makes you laugh and love, very energetic, positive, uplifting, clear, and in some phenos, psychedelic too.


You guys may have seen me growing out these seeds I made earlier this year, with massive sativa spears! After I released some Acapulco Gold in 2019, selling some and then giving away over 1000 packs as freebies, Bodhi Seeds(@plantmoreseeds) was in support of my project and he sent me some more Acapulco Gold seeds to use and make a new batch from!


This new Acapulco Gold release is sold with full written permission from Bodhi Seeds (@plantmoreseeds) who these Acapulco Gold seeds come from! It is my personal goal to bring back pure landrace seeds to the community as much as possible so they can be enjoyed and preserved, rather than be lost to time.


Growing tips: in a 1 gallon pot, plant 3-6 seeds evenly spaced around. Veg for a few weeks, top 1-4 times as you like. It’s ok if their wide lateral branches cross over each other. Once branches are long enough to clone, cut them back and clone if you like. Transplant into a 3 gallon fabric pot, and flip directly into flower under 11/13 light cycle (that’s 11 on, 13 off, I use it for everything, not just sativas!)

As the plants grow and stretch, they will begin to show gender and you can cut down any unwanted male plants at the base. You can grow multiple females in the same pot, and I suggest using a supersoil like Michigan Mix M3. Even though the flower time is extended with this sativa strain, they are very light feeders so the super soil will take them all the way with no additional inputs. If you use a pot larger than 3 gallons, these plants will stretch super big and out of control. Small 3 gallon pots for flowering will help keep the plants a manageable size indoors.


These plants happily grow together multiple in one container, and can be cut back at any time during flower if they become too big, so it’s not as hard to grow as you might think. This is a pure preserved landrace population, and is much different than the modern hybrids most of us are used to growing! 


Acapulco Gold plants prefer high light levels, when they are small being flipped to flower you can prop them up on a bucket so they get enough light for the first few days until they start growing rapidly. I recommend light levels of 500-1000ppfd, and you can push even higher light levels during mid flower, watching the plant’s response. Does best with full spectrum lighting, like MH, CMH, or white LEDs. Clearing off the shaded and lower branches will promote fatter buds up top, too!


This vintage sativa strain is so important to me and our entire community, as one of the backbone building blocks of all future hybrids, these pure and unique landraces must be preserved pure. I highly encourage you to make more seeds with them, both pure and/or hybrids, please sell, trade, gift, etc. in any way you want with absolutely no restrictions, in fact it is encouraged. If we do not all do these things, these rare seeds will become harder and harder to find, period. These also make really good hybrids when crossed with modern strains, adding yield, uplifting effects, amazing citrus lacquer sativa terps, and loads of vigor!


Mass Medical Strains is releasing more Acapulco Gold landrace regular seeds, November 11, 2022 at all our verified vendors! We really appreciate your support in this project as it means a lot to me and the entire team of everybody who’s support made this one possible.

Flavor: Citrus, honey, lemongrass, sweet, fruity, sativa, old school!

Effect: Hilarious, positive, creative, energized, uplifted, happy, clear yet psychoactive!

Flower Time: 12-24 week

Yield: High

Height: Tall (is an understatement) can stretch 5-10x when flipped. Recommended flipping to flower from small clone or topped seed under 8 inches. Use containers of 3 gallons or smaller to keep size reasonable indoors. See above growing notes for easy success.

Regular Seeds dropping November 11, 2022. A portion will be donated to charity.

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