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Five Star (Thai x Afghanistan x Pakistan)

Five Star (aka FiveStar Pupil) is a super unique plant that comes from the same parents as Star Pupil. While sharing a few key similarities to Star Pupil, there are some major differences as well and we have never seen a plant like her! Signature thick pupil stems and leaf type, she is extremely vigorous and has a nice productive stretch, approximately 3x but depends on environment and grower. Her buds are an uplifting pine and basil, forest type of smell, with complex back notes from hot pupil-spice to pepper and faint citrus. Another thing that makes this plant so unique is that people either love it or hate it, and I have yet to see anyone anywhere in between. Some people absolutely can't get enough of it and can't wait for more of this smoke, pretty much begging for it, and others have said "never give me that again." The effects are very uplifting and sativa-feeling, and you'd be surprised that she is finished flowering in only 8 weeks! In the right environment her leaves will fade to beautiful shades of red, orange, purple, and beyond! Buds are green, dense, and frosty. Very high terpene levels, dominant in alpha pinene and beta pinene. Very stimulating and great for focused thought and problem solving, energy, etc.


For growing, she is a very unique plant and has some special needs. Her roots dislike being rootbound, and she will show you this by angling her leaves downward as she becomes rootbound. Fabric pots do better than plastic. She shows an extreme sensitivity to overwatering or too much Nitrogen and will claw leaves in these cases, even moreso than Star Pupil. It's an easy fix, simply allow the medium to get very dry in between waterings, and water thoroughly each time you do. This plant is extremely drought resistant and can go many days without watering, she almost prefers it this way! Genetic testing has suggested she has a lot of landrace genetic traits present and a very rare genotype. Extremely mold resistant and PM resistant, great for outdoors as she can flower long while withstanding intense weather.

Flavor: Pine, basil, complex forest. Extremely tasty in a joint.

Effect: Uplifting, energetic, happy, creative, excited, slightly paranoid. Not relaxing! More like a coffee/caffeine effect!

Flower Time: 8 weeks

Yield: Medium to High

Height: Tall

Difficulty: Advanced. ("Easy" if you treat her right. Water less often, use fabric pots. Smells extremely complex and amazing with a nice slow dry and proper cure!)

Availability: Feminized Seeds.

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