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Panama Pupil V2 - Star Pupil x Panamagoo
Panama Pupil V3 - Panamagoo x Five Star

Two versions of new freebies for Fall 2019! These Pupil-Panamagoo crosses bring out some of the best traits of one of my favorite Panama Red genetic hybrids, in combination with my Star Pupil and Five Star (a unique sister to SP.) The Panamagoo used is my super standout #178 pheno from 2018, a discontinued MMS release. The Panama Pupil V2 has more purple flower traits added in from the Star Pupil and some pupil funk mixed in as well. The Panama Pupil V3 is greener with more Pine and more uplifting focused effect from the Five Star. Both versions have the occasional neon pink hair phenotype, an absolute beauty to behold in person!


Flavor: Apple Juice from Concentrate, Floral, metallic pollution funk with berry and pine back notes.

Effect: Powerful, intense, super stoned, oldschool

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Medium-High

Height: Medium

Feminized Seed Only.

Availability: V3 currently comes free with all MMS packs at Wellgrownseeds and at Cannacon Springfield.


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