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Round Earth - Mr. E Pupil x FiveStar

A thoughtful combination of some of our best new genetics on both parent sides, the Round Earth and Flat Earth series consists of a cross between our Mr. E Pupil and FiveStar. While Round Earth is the official release, each pack also includes Flat Earth as the freebie pack. The difference is simple, the Flat Earth is a sister line which has a bit more influence from the Mr. E, while the Round Earth has a bit more Star Pupil hybrid influence. Both lines are excellent and fairly similar, however you'll generally see higher yields and more Pupil dominance in the Round Earth plants, as well as additional stability under stress. Flat Earth has more influence from the Mr. E genetics, but is also very nicely accented by the Pupil traits as well.

These plants grow a nice bushy frame with good overall vigor and are an easy plant to cultivate for any skill level, even beginners can produce a rewarding harvest with no difficulty. They do well topped once or twice. The flavors range from candied pupil funk to pupil'd spice, and some phenos can be straight poop smelling! They all cure to a delicious flower though, which goes great in a joint or a top quality hash. The effects on this one are similar to what you've come to expect from the Pupil strains, a creative, relaxed, positive, introspective and spiritual mindset. Very good for broadening your perspective and becoming more accepting of circumstance, with enough energy and motivation to take charge when needed. This is a very versatile plant with loads of medicinal benefits and enjoyable, euphoric recreational effects. These plants may take you to new realms of thought, so don't get too wrapped up in thinking about the shape of this planet, grow them both and see what you think!

Flavor: Candy pupil funk, sweet Mr.E fruit, spice, thick and smooth, occasionally acrid and gnarly.

Effect: Powerful and enjoyable high, potential for both motivation and relaxing, introspective.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Medium to High

Structure: Bushy and branchy, does well with topping too.

Thc: Round Earth: 27% and Flat Earth: 25%

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