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Super Platinum Laos - Platinum Punch x (Platinum Punch x Laos Landrace)

Super Platinum Laos is a very special backcross project using my rare Candy Store pheno of Platinum Punch, the only plant like it out of 3 full packs. The plant smells exactly like the candy store at the mall, super artificial, unbelievable sweet berry vanilla milky creamy sugar fruit... one of the rare times that I actually favored a plant's terpenes over its effects, because they were just so so soooooo incredible! I then set out on a mission to add to the effects and make it something special in that department too, and so I crossed in the Laos landrace, with its super sativa, introspective, happy, yet calm and thcv rich effects, and then crossed it back to the Platinum Punch to make the original candy store flavor more dominant, as well as keep its density and frost, quick flowering time, etc. and make it more commercially viable, high yielding.

Super Platinum Laos really grows like a vigorous hybrid. It's a great experiment in exotic possibilities. It's got what real connoisseurs consider exotic, the landrace influence that is truly unique, as well as also having what the youngin's call "exotic" when they really mean that certain popular modern bud style that is dense, frosty, and terpy...

You can find some variety within this gene pool, and select the ones you like most! The effects can range from the relaxed chill vibe of the Platinum Punch to the happy, alert, calm and serene bliss of the Laos, and a generally anti-anxiety happy vibe. Some of them feel like being in a different universe... the high is very distinct and unique. I keep going back to it. We have also seen plants that change color within a few weeks of flipping to flower, some with neon pink hairs, and some with just too much frost! They also tend to get these crazy jagged sawtooth jurassic leaves with massive serrations. This is a very fun plant.

The phenotypes with less density and more foxtails may be very promising for extract artists because of their increased surface area and crazy trichome coverage!


Flavor: Candy store, vanilla, creamy, sugary, berry, with tones of spiced meat and metals behind in some! Some floral tones of jasmine and lilac. Some cheesy. Very complex layered profiles and never just one thing!

Effect: Varies from relaxing/sleepy to calm and serene, happy. Mind bending trippy but anti-anxiety too!

Flower Time: 8-10 weeks

Yield: Medium to High, Pheno Dependent!

Structure: Medium height, very good branching, productive. 2-3x stretch.

Regular Seeds Drop on December 1, 2023!

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