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Platinum Swabi Punch - Platinum Punch x Swabi Pakistani

The ultimate hybrid of new-meets-old mixing up the Platinum Punch with the Swabi Pakistani heirloom/landrace. Neon bright frosty buds, with colorful bluish purples and dense white resin great for hash production just like both parents. Produces a fantastic flower with totally unique terpenes and a strong relaxing high with loads of physical medicinal benefits as well. Anti-stress, anti-anxiety! Some seedlings have purple coloration and some plants have genetically deep purple stems, very exotic gene pool, you'll also find some phenos that lean strongly toward the pure Swabi expression yet they all have great density! Great yields. Amazing resistance outdoors, and very good indoors. Highly resistant to stress and very dependable! Aromas and flavors range from sweet heavy lavender, cheese and musk, to nearly the pure swabi aroma, sharp and amplified. Super delicious plants, some phenos also contain cbd presence. This is an amazing gene pool to explore with some very unique plants with some deep landrace roots also influenced by modern selection and hybridization, the best of both worlds! Also contains thcv!

Flavor: Sweet, heavy floral, lavender, creamy, cheese. Some Swabi leaners more hazy, citrus, lacquer.

Effect: Calm, stress-relief. Smooth, positive, medicinal. Functional yet relaxing and stony.

Flower Time: 8 weeks

Yield: High

Height: Medium-Tall. Does well with topping.

Amazing indoors and outdoors! Very resistant to mold, mildew, and high yielding strong plants!

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