Heavenly Sativa - Amnesia Pupil x Prayer Tower Sativa

Heavenly Sativa is a new remix line to our Deadly Sativa strain. The difference being we used an Amnesia Pupil mother which comes off the same Amnesia Haze as Deadly Sativa, and the same Prayer Tower Sativa father was used in both. The Star Pupil genetics are added in to this hybrid to balance a bit and add some "heavenly" vibes! Denser flower structure than Deadly Sativa and a bit more balanced high. This high yielding hybrid is Sativa dominant in effect but grows like a good hybrid, not too much stretch or anything out of control, and buds are much denser with an incredible texture known from all of our Prayer Tower #9 crosses.

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Flavor: Skittles candy, hazey, sweet

Effects: Uplifting, energetic, happy, euphoric, motivated, dreamy, plus soothing body.

Yield: Heavy

Height: Medium

Regular Seeds. Each pack will include a free pack of Acapulco Gold.


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