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Chef's Kiss - Star Pupil x Meatbreath F2

One of the final creations in our ornamental series, the Chef's Kiss was originally only available to the commercial cultivator. Due to popular demand we are now releasing these in our regular seed packs!

It's not often you see a mostly indica dominant plant from Mass Medical Strains. This was an experiment in extremes! An ogkb-dominant Meatbreath f2 with frost and loud pine gas funk was combined with our Star Pupil breeding mother to create a deep, terpene rich, heavy narcotic experience. These plants emanate strong terpenes of gassy, berry, pupil funk that stings the nostrils and delights the mind. The Meatbreath, originally created by ThugPug, was taken to F2 by Divs_darkroom and is the same male used for Money Shot. Chef's Kiss is heavier indica in comparison to Money Shot which is more hybrid and can have some sativa traits. Chef's Kiss produces rock hard buds that are painted in purple colors and have a great layer of frost to them as well.

Flavor: Gas, pupil funk, berry, candy, dough funk.

Effect: Narcotic, pain killing, relaxation and quietness for overactive minds. (Not recommended for those with depression.)

Flower Time: 8 weeks

Yield: Medium

Height: Short

Difficulty: Easy. Topping and extra veg time can increase yield.

Availability: Regular Seeds. Drops November 11, 4:20pm

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