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Triangle Pupil - Triangle Kush x Star Pupil

For years I've dreamed of making this cross, and I finally was able to make it a reality! For those who know Triangle Kush, there's not much that compares to this original OG Kush strain and its intensity and potency. I've crossed it with my favorite strain of all time, the Star Pupil, and some really amazing plants came out. Both of these mothers are known to be great breeders, often creating offspring that are more potent than the parents alone!

My favorite pheno smells like a mix of candy pupil and mothballs/dmt, and has an absolutely incredible potent, long lasting high... 4-5 hours, 28% thc, visual effects especially nearly geometrical feeling periphery, super dreamy, soft focus high contrast, with the power to keep you up all night or put you to sleep and wake up still high at times... can have really potent feelings of nostalgia, and hours of belly laughs...


This smoke often has a deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system, allowing for effortless easy breathing fuller and deeper, a gentle visual glow and soft focus, total deep relaxation and reset. In higher doses there can be adrenaline, pulsating visual and anxiety (if you want something similar but a tad more gentle/relaxing, and more indica, get the Bubba Pupil instead)

Plants have a 3x stretch and approx 9 weeks flower time. Does well with topping. Easy to clone. Extremely fragrant, potent, and frosty. As with most OG's, a cleanup of the lower/shaded nodes around week 2 of flower is highly recommended. There are a handful of different phenotypes to find, making this seed line a really exciting one to explore. I've found some really special heavy purple kush phenos, super classic oldschool ones. Others have found strawberry, sour, mothball, kush, cereal with milk, and even blueberry flavors. There are a lot of classic pupil + kush mixture phenos. The intensity of effects to find in this line are really top notch, so start slow when smoking these if you're a lightweight!

Triangle Pupil is my highest testing strain for THC levels, one grower reached 34%! The lowest I have ever seen is 25%!


Flavor: OG Kush, Pupil Funk, Mothball/DMT, lesser common phenos include: Sour, Strawberry, Cereal/Milk, Blueberry

Effect: Very powerful, deep relaxation, visuals, heavy, long lasting. Extreme potency.

Flower Time: 8-10 weeks

Yield: Medium

Structure: Tall, lanky, OG structure with thick strong pupil stems.

Thc: 25-34%

Seeds: New Drop on October 6, 2023!

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