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Star Pupil

Star Pupil is our most famous strain, and the plant that got us all started as world renowned breeders. A result of crossing genetics from seeds gifted by a friend, with supposed Thai/Afghan/Pakistan genetics (recently confirmed correct by genetic mapping), this plant stood out superbly, even in veg. She turned out to be the exact plant we were hoping for, and was named Star Pupil. Little did we know, Star Pupil would stick with us forever. Notable mentions are High Times Flower of the Month in January 2017 and medical growers and dispensaries cultivating this strain to help people in need. She is a very unique purple strain, and even makes people who "dont like purple weed" often change their minds! Star Pupil is also known for her synergistic effect in breeding, when making crosses she usually brings out the best in both parents and makes it even better than either one alone!

As a plant, these are grown from Feminized seed (we also have a Regular seed version named Indigo Pupil). They are extremely consistent, uniform, stable and stress resistant plants, even as a Feminized variety. They like a little longer initial vegetative time from seed to become established, and grow excellent and easy from clone. Best results when branches are spread out with stakes or netting. She is a unique plant and does better when watered less often: allow the roots to get very dry before watering for best results. Do not remove large feeder leaves in veg or it will slow down growth, instead, clean out lower/shaded growth inside near the main stem to encourage outward and upward growth. Flower time is 9 weeks indoors. Finishes by end of September outdoors. Stretch is medium, taller than a short indica but nothing extreme like a pure sativa. She will  approximately double in size upon onset of flower, depending on environmental conditions (light spectrum and intensity, temperature, etc.)


Flowers are fully purple from the start of flower under any temperatures, no cold needed for her to put on a show! Purple colors typically show between day 8-14 of the flower cycle, and buds are deep purple throughout! Purple trichomes are common, and in cold her buds can actually go fully black in color! If temperatures are very hot, over 95 degrees, she may show hints of green along with the purples. The buds can be pressed fresh into purple rosin as well and have massive bag appeal. This is some of the most potent purple herb, with a fantastic positive vibe and strong medicinal effect.

Medicinally, high THC content up to 28% and moderate CBG content of 1.2% as well as abundant anthocyanin and antioxidants make her very useful for a number of symptoms. Most notable are stress relief, stomach and pain relief, appetite, creative and uplifted mood, help with arthritis and PTSD, and she has a general positive vibration. Her sativa genes invoke a powerful mental high, and her indica dominance gives the additional medical effects we all know and love. This bud has an incredible, unique flavor that comes out best in a joint, vape, or dab and can be described as perfume, grape, heavy, 'purple', skunky and thick.

Star Pupil is one of a kind and unrelated to any of the mainstream purple strains out there. People try to say it's just this or that, but if you grow it alongside any of them, you will see for yourself it is in fact a totally unique creation! We've never found another purple plant like it! :)

Click here for complete lab results including cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

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