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Triangle Kush Bx1 - Triangle Kush x (Triangle Kush x 88g13hp)

Triangle Kush is one of the best elite clones I've ever had, and is world famous for being the probable parent of all the OG Kush phenotypes in circulation. It's an amazing smoke on its own, and also one of the best breeding plants that puts out amazing offspring! Triangle Kush was not an easy clone for me to get, and there are a lot of fakes going around in the community. I really enjoy this plant so much and wanted to help make it available to people in seed form as best as I can. It's notoriously hard to make feminized seeds with, so I decided to backcross it using a male of one of my favorite Bodhi strains, Black Triangle (TK x 88G13HP) because it has a lot of plants that are very Triangle dominant.

The breeding process for this backcross was a lot of fun and I was able to find a male that resembled the Triangle Kush in every way, from structure to smell, leaf shape, everything! The male even put out a great amount of resin, and smelled exactly like the TK. This was the lucky combo, as my goal was simply to make seeds that resembled the Triangle Kush as best as possible, and it worked out even better than expected!

Upon growing these TK Bx1 seeds, I was absolutely delighted to see a very high degree of uniformity and all of the TK traits. Of all the other TK bx lines I've seen, none really hit the spot in terms of authenticity for me personally: many breeders backcrossed using other plants that were very dominant (like cookies) and permanently changed things in their lines, even after multiple backcrossings. My goal was not to improve it or change it, my goal was simply to hit the spot with the most TK-esque plants possible, with the perfect male selection to preserve the original genetics.

These plants have the lanky structure you know and love from Triangle Kush, and once cloned they often throw 3-finger leaves just like the real cutting does! I regret to inform you that a percentage of these plants smell even stronger than the TK, and some have a bit higher yield too, I hope you don't mind! I decided that we can live with these things and that some people might enjoy it :)


The majority of these plants are nearly identical to Triangle, with that classic super potent OG kush style bud, smell, taste, and intensity. For many years, OG kush ruled the cannabis scene with the most expensive flowers around, and for good reason. These plants preserve the best of it, and I'm excited for you to grow your own!

The high on this TK Bx1 is absolutely remarkable. It is some of the most potent and long lasting effects I have felt in the last 3-4 years! The effects are more dissociative than any other in my collection, yet it is still functional. The high climbs and climbs for at least an hour, and lasted over 4 hours for me. It is extremely potent! A great pain killer as well.

Growing tips: Higher than average amount of females for regular seeds! Expect lanky plants and a vigorous stretch, 3-4x height when flipped to flower. These are surprisingly stable too, as OG's are known to be finnicky. A very small percentage of plants expressed instability on a lower branch receiving under 300ppfd, as long as you clean up the lower shaded nodes during stretch, you should be all good! I also found one interesting pheno with extremely strong cat-piss aroma and OG behind it, the rest were straight up TK/OG terps! Very frosty, sticky, and smelly. Easy to find a keeper! Some phenos are extremely quick and finish in 7 weeks, most go 8-9, and some can be taken 10 for an extra heavy vibe.


Flavor: OG Kush, straight up, super intense.

Effect: Very powerful, dissociative, euphoric, nostalgia, heady, body relaxation, amplifier. Long lasting.

Flower Time: 7-10 weeks

Yield: Medium

Structure: Tall, lanky, OG structure. Stretch 3-4x. Some plants will stretch about 1 foot taller than others, you can tell these in veg with their vigorous growth compared with their siblings!

THC: 30%. Note: 5 phenotypes were tested for cannabinoid levels, three of the five tested over 30%. One stand out had 3% cbd and 30% thc. The lowest one tested 25% and one tested 28%.

Seeds are all out! Watch for Bx2 around Summer 2024

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