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Oldtimer's Pupil - Oldtimer's Haze x Star Pupil

In our long flowering sativa party pack you will find this insane sativa plant, flowering approximately 16 weeks under 11/13 lighting. The mother is an Oldtimer's Haze who flowers 19 weeks and is a wild, unruly pure sativa dating back to 1960/70s California. There are no indica genes present in this plant, and it is a unique psychadelic cannabis experience unlike any I've ever encountered. Pollinated by Star Pupil, yield is increased tremendously, while the plant takes on a bit of a more modern look and grows real dense buds. Much of the sativa effect is preserved, and the flower is extremely unique and potent. Mind expanding effects reveal you to yourself, not for the unprepared traveler! Familiar places and faces look brand new, a lot is possible in this creative realm of discovery. Plants grow approximately 4-5 feet tall when bloomed directly from seed with no veg period. Very light feeders. A great plant to throw in the corner of your bloom room for an awesome unique experience! A real deal purple haze type, some phenotypes go completely purple!


Flavor: Nature, woody, earthy and oldschool sativa hazey.

Effect: Open mind, energized, refreshed, awakened. Unique sativa qualities compared to modern sativa hybrids.

Flower Time: 110-120 days

Yield: Heavy

Height: Tall

Difficulty: Advanced

Availability: Oldtimer's Pupil is part of our Sativa Party Pack available at JBC and Neptune. A limited release!


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