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Pupilstan - Star Pupil x Swabi Pakistani

These plants are seriously special! My favorite of all the Swabi hybrids, with a very powerful euphoric and happy upbeat high that feels like a big hug from the universe with incredible soothing, warm pain relief properties. Combining my Star Pupil breeding mother and the super unique, thcv-containing Swabi Pakistani landrace/heirloom strain, the best of both worlds is multiplied in a synergistic way. Dense, pink and purple flowers on a sturdy framed plant that is easy to grow and high yielding! Very exotic smells combining the one-of-a-kind terps of both the Star Pupil and the Swabi Pakistani for a divine mouth-coating flavor. These plants are a breeze to grow and flower in 7-9 weeks, phenotype dependent. We guarantee you’ve never had any weed quite like this! Very unique qualities and effects!

Effect: Instant euphoria, heavy blanket, pain relief, focus, energy, motivation, happiness, laughter, calm and super positive. An amazing feeling high! Great for music and productivity, or enjoyment of… anything! Seriously happy high, similar to PuTang’s effects but a bit different feel. Super crisp and alert. Anti-anxiety,  anti-depressive, anti-nausea, warm pain relief sensations.

Flavor: A strong mix of Pupil terps and Swabi funk, with a mouth coating flavor. Candy berry purpy skunky perfumey with hints of exotic landracey woods and spices!

Stretch: 2x

Yield: High


Detailed lab results coming soon, likely contains THCV as all Swabi hybrids so far do :)

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