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Zasoline - Zkittlez x Prayer Glue

Zkittlez was a clone that pleasantly surprised me! While I'm usually not into the hype cuts, the Z has some seriously amazing terpenes that can't be overlooked, as well as a pleasant high that is enjoyable and happy. I have heard it is near impossible to get into seed form in a way that represents the mother, and you all know I love a good challenge! I've got a knack for selecting males that achieve specific goals, and a mostly-recessive Prayer Glue male was just right for this project! The Zkittlez is so dominant here, and what the Prayer Glue did add, is all positive in my book! You can expect plants that grow like Zkittlez, smell and taste like Zkittlez, with an added Gasoline behind it, which seems to add to the full body flavor rather than change it too much from the original. These plants retain the growth habits of the Zkittlez but with improved vigor and strength. They still benefit from supporting as the buds are heavier and denser now, as well as being a bit frostier and more "appealing" than the Z alone. The unmistakeable and very special Zkittlez terpenes are up front in these plants and will delight the senses every day in the garden! The added resin from the Prayer Glue should also make this an amazing yielding hash plant, as the PG is my highest yielder for hash in general. The Z did not yield a whole lot of seeds so these packs will be very limited, I do encourage anyone who gets them to make F2 seeds and keep them going for everyone, there's some really nice magic to discover in these!

Flavor: Zkittlez up front, candy chemical laundry detergent, gasoline and fuel behind. Very terpene rich and flavorful!

Effect: Happy, mindful and blissful, smooth body, glowing visual space. Heady yet relaxed.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Medium to High

Height: Short to Medium

Difficulty: Easy. Topping once or twice can increase yield. Benefits from support, buds get very dense and heavy!

Availability: Very Limited Hand numbered packs of Regular Seeds. January 6, 2023, 4:20pm

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