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Mr E S1 - Mr. E x Mr. E

Mr E S1 is a very special collaboration seed line between Mass Medical Strains and Eastcoasterdam. The purpose of this seed line is to preserve the Clone Only Mr. E strain in pure seed form with no outside genetics added in. Who is Mr. E? As the name implies, the genetics behind Mr E are a mystery! A clone found and held by Eastcoasterdam for the last ten years, she is just an incredible plant. Stands the test of time for sure for him to keep her so long, and in my very first grow with her I instantly understood why. Simply perfect high quality flower, and great yields. A healthy growing plant after all those years, she has a pretty unique compact structure and can fit a LOT of yield in a small space! Perfect for micro growers as well who need to keep their plants small, but can be grown large if wanted. The high is strong and pleasureful, never "too strong" but has some real serious strength at the same time. It's really enjoyable. This clone was given to MMS by Eastcoasterdam in order to breed with it and preserve it so you can all enjoy the wonder of this unique plant. Perceived smell/flavor varies from person to person. To me it goes from vanilla to green melon. Others say cantaloupe and more. A good descriptor is "good sweet pot" because that's really what it is at it's base. The smell of good weed and it's sweet. The S1 seeds are basically direct copies of the mother, with approximately one in six plants being exceptionally special standout phenos, with better vigor and stronger intensity of flavor and aroma! Most plants smell just like Mr. E,and some are super strong thick cheese types. These S1 seeds are worth the hunt and plants produce exceptional high quality results. Great for small spaces or longer veg times as Mr. E has a very short indica plant structure.


Flavor: "Good, sweet cannabis", melon, cantaloupe, vanilla. Some Cheese phenotypes.

Effect: Powerful and enjoyable high, strong but comfortable!

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Yield: High

Structure: Short, Compact, Bushy with Great Production. Best grown without topping.

Thc: 28%

Cbc: 0.1%


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