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Patchouli Pupil - PuTang F2 Patchouli x Star Pupil

Patchouli is a crazy distinct smell. It’s unique and powerful, and gets a strong reaction, so I like it for that! These plants are one of a kind, I've never smelled Patchouli in another strain before. Just like how we love the "bad" smell of a good skunk, these plants smell awful in the best way possible!

These plants have insanely dense, frosty, purple, pungent flowers. 2/3 of the plants population have this gnarly rank Patchouli smell, and the other 1/3 have more of a Pupily smell! In a sense, this is almost like a v3 remake of Grape Pupil, but switch the grape for patchouli… similar formula but different selections for different results! These are super unique. Easy to find keepers in a single pack, as usual. I am really satisfied with these seeds and they were very resilient and impressive in my stress tests as well.


The high is strong and balanced. A little more “indica” feeling than the Grape Pupil, but very positive and uplifting in the head too, while it has strong body effects as well.


Flower time: 8-9 weeks.

Feminized Seeds, 7 Per Pack

Exclusive at only. Drops July 27!

Flavor: Patchouli, spice, dark sweet herbal, pupil funk

Effect: Focused, calm, motivated and balanced, euphoric. Stress relief.

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Medium

Height: Medium

24% Thc

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