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Triangle Laos - Triangle Kush x Laos Landrace

Triangle Laos is the latest in my synergistic sativa hybrids to take things to new levels of possibilities. A true F1 with the legendary Triangle Kush and the Laos Landrace (rich in thcv and hilarious highs) mixed with the TK brings on some nice body buzz and immense potency. Aromas of kush, spiced meat, metal, fine tobaccos and more make this an absolute gift to behold. You’ve probably smoked nothing like it, and it has many great plants to discover. Some flowers turn purple from the bottom up during the last few weeks of flowering. Stretch is vigorous, saving you time in veg, I recommend topping a few times and flowering it when it gets about 1 foot tall, for a 4-5 foot tall finished plant (grow dependent, you can shape them how you like if you want em smaller). A great muscle relaxant effect. Anti-inflammatory and anti itch! Pain relieving and calm. Lots of interesting expressions to enjoy! Very sticky resin, even on the most sativa leaning phenotypes. Some phones are very dense and TK leaning too. Out of all of the Laos hybrids I created, this was easily one of the best!

Flavor: Kush, fresh, herbal, metallic, spiced. Smooth and unique.

Effect: Clear headed, nostalgic, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, medicinal, calm, happy, relaxed.

Flower Time: 9-11 weeks

Yield: Medium to High

Height: Tall, 3-4x Stretch

Availability: Regular seeds at the banks now.

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