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Boston Cream Pie - Vanilla Cream x PuTang

Boston Cream Pie is our latest masterpiece combination of some very unique genetics. We combined our award winning PuTang strain (Tangie x Star Pupil) with a very special sativa dominant phenotype of CSI Humboldt's "Mendocino Menage a Trois" strain which is a cross of Traingle Kush and Mendocino Purple. Our selection was based on stability, vigor, and most importantly an incredibly positive unique vibe and mouth watering terpene profile which gives it her name. The effects on this cross are very potent, both heavy and intense, powerful hybrid feel with an uplifted intense mind, and a strong body buzz which can be very relaxing and medicinal. These plants show an array of colors from purple flowered phenotypes to green flowers with colorful leaf fades all over. Aromas of vanilla, floral, citrus orange, pupil tones, og and cream, all combined in a powerfully delicious manner. Super sparkly and gooey buds loaded in resin! Very vigorous, tall and lanky plants which don't need a long veg time, and will flower quickly in 8 weeks with larger yield than either parent alone, displaying fantastic hybrid vigor! A true delight to grow and smoke. Limited edition.


Feminized seed only. Sold out! This one time release will not be made again, stay tuned for Vanilla Pupil in February.

Flavor: Vanilla, floral, cream, og, orange, pupil funk.

Effect: Uplifted mind, powerful body feel, super stoned, creative, appetite enhancement. Happy vibes.

Flower Time: 8 weeks

Stretch: Tall

Yield: High

Height: Tall

Thc: 27%

High terpene content!

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