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Turbulent Juice - PuTang (Tangie x Star Pupil) x Prayer Tower Sativa 9

Turbulent Juice is our latest intense, happy indica hybrid variety! Drawing from some of our best selected genetics, the PuTang and Prayer Tower Sativa come together for this incredible orange flavored plant. The high is heavy, enjoyable, and powerful with a deep indica body buzz along with an uplifted headspace. She induces intense munchies and is great for helping those who need to eat. Great for relaxing in one spot and being creative or enjoying a book or movie. Social yet lazy. A very medicinal end to your day, and a fantastic citrus flavor, with slight coffee like tones in the background! Very diverse and special. Mostly indica type effects, but a lot happier, mentally clear, and cheerful feeling compared to most generic indica plants these days. Flowers often appear green until ground up, where they can hide purple streaks all throughout the inside!


Available in Regular seed only.

Flavor: Sharp orange, citrus, skunk, subtle pupil and coffee undertones

Effect: Physical relaxation with heavy body stone and couch lock with a happy and inspired, creative mental state. Extreme appetite enhancement.

Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Stretch: Medium

Yield: High

Height: Medium

High terpene content!

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