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Anaphylaxis - Peanut Butter Breath x Deadly Sativa

Our latest award winning strain, Anaphylaxis, took Third Place Indoor Organic Flower at the GGG Organic Cup in 2020! Highly demanded for beautiful dense and frosty nugs with an amazing flavor profile and intense effects! This is our new collaboration strain with ThugPug genetics. It combines his incredible Peanut Butter Breath with my all time favorite of my haze creations, the infamous Deadly Sativa! While the Deadly Sativa remains dominant in flavor, aroma, yield, and vigor, the Peanut Butter Breath adds insane density and trichome coverage, to appeal to the modern trendy indica bud look and sativa connoisseur heads alike! 

Anaphylaxis has a very intense sativa high with a slow creeper effect, meaning the high gradually gets stronger and stronger for the first hour or so. At it's peak, it can be very vibrant and emotional, strengthening perception and awareness of the feelings and emotions attached to your human experience, some would consider it a mild psychedelic. Amazing for memory recall and being in touch with your emotions. The experience can be a lot for  some people and is very intense, mellowing out to a dreamy relaxed state at the end and often promoting deep rest after your journey.  If you are struggling with anxiety or depression this one might be best avoided, it could be tough to handle unless you feel ready for the intensity. There are much more therapeutic healers in the MMS lineup, this one is pure fun and a wild ride! Can be extremely racy/paranoid/druggy feeling in medium to large quantities. Very haze-dominant effect. For those who are used to smoking true hazes, this is a phenomenal visual, energetic high with a dreamy relaxed finish. There's also a less common ogkb-mutant leaf phenotype with a more indica experience.

Flavor: Complex delicious Haze, sharp citrus, lemon, melted butter, laquer/solvent, with a cookie dough kushy background. Extremely strong!

Effect: Intense, creeper, magnifying, heightened emotions and perceptions. Energetic and visually vibrant with a relaxing dreamy finish. 

Flower Time: 9-10 weeks, pheno dependent.

Yield: High

THC: 30%

Height: Medium-Tall. Does well with topping.

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