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Kernel Swabi - (Kernel PuTang x Swabi Pakistani Landrace)

Kernel Swabi puts a new edge on our Haze hybrids for Year of the Haze, this is easily the most wild and scary ride of the year! Kernel Swabi has powerful time-dilation mental effects that can make a minute feel very very long... the mind-bending effects of both parents came together and amplified like crazy in this one. You can tell just by looking at these buds that you are in for a serious experience. This strain can induce intense heart-pounding anxiety and is not recommended for beginners. Plants grow fairly tall with big yields and natural foxtailing buds splashed with purple, lots of frost and a beautiful sativa look. Highs are extremely racy in this line, great for physical activity where you need a lot of energy. Trippy mindbending perspectives can be experienced from these plants. Some will also contain various amounts of CBD in addition to high THC.

Flavor: Haze, woody, spicy, oldschool sativa, lacquer, orange skunk, citrus.

Effect: Speedy, racy, energetic, trippy, confusing, exciting.

Flower Time: 8-11 weeks

Yield: High

Height: Tall (3-4x Stretch)

Availability: Feminized Seeds.

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