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Rumors about Mass Medical Strains

There are various rumors about Mass Medical Strains that have been spread through the community. They are untrue and are often perpetuated by liars and haters, or told by others who have been misled, etc. Here are the facts. Please share this with anybody who might need to read it.

Rumor: Star Pupil is stolen and renamed.
Truth: I created Star Pupil by crossing two strains myself. It was a cross made in my first grow using genetics gifted by a friend, crossing Thai x Afghani/Pakistani plants. This was before I was even in the online community. I wasn’t trying to become a breeder, I just wanted to make seeds so I could continue growing. It turned out better than I ever imagined! Star Pupil is a unique strain I created, and has traits that haven’t been found in any of the genetics that various other people have claimed to be SP. If you grow them side by side you will see that SP is in fact much different. At least Four breeders have claimed SP was their creation, stolen and renamed. This obviously cannot be true, how could it be four different things from four different people? Star Pupil is also very different than the strains they claim it to be made from! It’s been wrongfully claimed by Melvanetics to be Buckeye Purple, JD to be Blueberry, Dynasty to be ?? (Various versions of this rumor exist), and Dojo to be Ninja Fruit. Growers who grow any of these strains along SP can easily see that Star Pupil is NOT related to these genetics and have different growth habits, water and nitrogen sensitivities, flower qualities and medicinal traits, completely different terpene profiles, effects and more. Many differences can be seen even on lab reports as well. The most they might share in common is a purple color. That’d be like saying all green weed on earth is related to one parent. I have even been growing various purple lines to see if anything similar to SP exist in other genetics, so far none have been the same as my unique creation!

Rumor: MMS stole from Dynasty or others and renames work
Truth: I always provide full lineage and credit to all breeders who’s plants are used in crosses I make. I’ve shown tons of males and breeding projects in real time as they happened. Over 140 of my releases are well-documented on I did create some crosses with some dynasty plants from seeds I purchased and bred with around 2017/18. These crosses were all labeled specifically as the crosses they were, giving credit to the dynasty strain used as male, eg. some strains were crossed to his blue magoo bx2. You can see those crosses documented online and credit to dynasty genetics was given for the males used in crosses. Dynasty was unhappy that these crosses were being sold, so I respectfully discontinued them and gave the rest away for free and I am no longer interested in this breeders genetics in any work going forward. Nothing was stolen, only some crosses were made with purchased seeds, crossed to strains of mine and others. These are no longer available and have not been for a few years already. I do not wish to breed with any strains involving people who aren’t happy about it, so I put it all in the past.
One time I gave out some last freebie packs from one of those crosses as surprise genetics without the lineage written, because I didn’t want to advertise for someone who had slandered my name. I then realized that wasn’t the best move so I apologized to him directly and explained my intentions. This was the one time when my emotions got involved and I left out the genetics information that should have been included with the seeds. Besides that, I have always included the lineages of all my genetics.

Rumor: MMS stole Acapulco Gold… (various forms of this rumor exist)
Truth: I have produced Acapulco Gold seeds and both sold them and given them out for free. The first batch was produced from a mix of AG genetics from Bodhi Seeds and a further generation of Bodhi’s stock given to me by Woodstock. When I began to sell those seeds I made, (after months of public announcements) Woodstock claimed I was not allowed to sell them and that it was somehow stolen genetics or not allowed to be sold. I was never aware they were not to be sold, and had even been updating Woodstock (and the public on IG) on the progress of the project the entire time! Nonetheless, I stopped the seedbanks from selling the seeds in less than 24 hours when Woodstock said you can not sell them. Yet Woodstock kept complaining and spreading hate. It was very unexpected and sad. The rest we decided to give out for free, over 1000 packs! Bodhi was always in support of my working with his Acapulco Gold seeds and gave me more AG seeds personally after this happened, with his blessing for MMS to make more seeds and to sell them for the community to have access to this rare genetic. I have released more of the seeds for sale, sold out, and have another batch coming soon (late 2022). The second batch for sale, I also donated a significant portion of the proceeds toward charity, funding an additional four more wells to be built in India in communities that don’t have access to clean water.

(A note about my perspective on selling landrace genetics: The goal of these seed reproductions is to give the community access to rare, pure, landrace genetics, plain and simple, so they can be enjoyed by many, rather than lost to time. I hope to see more people selling landrace genetics for the community so they can be found and enjoyed by people who want them. As freebies they often end up in the hands of the wrong growers who have no interest in these long flowering varieties, and then people who do want them can’t find them for sale once they’ve all been given away. Some people view freebies as inferior and place value on what they purchase. If people/companies do not sell landrace genetics pure, they will become more and more difficult to find. I also encourage people who get them to make more seeds, and get them further out into the community wether it’s for sale, trade, free, or all of the above!)

Rumor: MMS screwed over Indian Landrace Exchange/ Irrazin
Truth: Irrazin and I are great friends to this day and have accomplished amazing things together with our collaborations. We have also done a podcast together about our Swabi project which you can listen to. I’ve done a lot of exciting work with the Swabi Pakistani Landrace from Irrazin, and I donated 80% of the proceeds of the pure Swabi Pakistani reproduction to Irrazin and the Nanda Devi Cannabis Library, funding its entire construction! This has been another great partnership spreading rare genetics among the community!

Rumor: MMS sells untested seeds.
Truth: All MMS strains are fully tested, and have as much information and photographs as possible! I include detailed descriptions of each, so you can figure out which seeds are best for you. Most strains include comprehensive lab reports, showing the cannabinoids and terpene profiles. Lots of information on every seed release can be seen on seedfinder, and my website,, highlights many of the strains in further detail. Additional lab reports can be seen in my Discord server. I am passionate about my creations and I enjoy growing them out and describing them before they are ever sold! They are also tested in additional gardens, by home growers and on commercial scale, for more feedback and information!

Many breeders have various rumors around them and most of them are simply not true at all! If you see people buying into these rumors please link them to this document so they can read the facts. People don’t always get the full picture. Rumors are always emerging and changing, so do not believe anything you hear about anyone without seeing direct evidence and proof. Additionally, if you are in question of something, you can just grow the plants and see for yourself.

All of the situations happened in the past and I’ve left them in the past. This statement is not meant to attack anyone, complain, or call anyone out. I’ve done my best to respect everyone’s positions and move forward positively. We as a community should be coming together to accomplish great things, rather than fighting each other. We are all here for the love of this amazing plant, so let’s act like it! Respect.

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