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Acapulco Gold - Pure Mexican Sativa Heirloom/Landrace

Oldschool smokers will remember the incredible golden Mexican sativa imports of back in the day, Acapulco Gold. A soaring sativa buzz! This strain has been almost entirely lost by now due to modern hybridization and commercialization. It is with great honor that we do our part to preserve these pure, unique genetics that this plant has to offer. Extremely rare, these pure Acapulco Gold seeds are a straight blast to the past! Difficult to find, and often imitated with fakes, these are a true gold mine of authentic pure Sativa genetics. These seeds have been open pollinated with a large pool of multiple females and males in order to retain the most genetic diversity possible within the strain. An excellent building block for your own hybrid strains, we also encourage everybody to do the same as we have, pollinate your females with your males to keep this strain going in its pure form, and pass it on to friends and family for generations to come! Please note that these seeds were produced for pure genetic preservation and are NOT a worked hybrid or highly refined gene pool like my creations, this is a pure strain as close to nature as possible and may exhibit some variation or undesirable characteristics in certain plants.

These plants are a real sativa, and can flower for 16-24 weeks! They are a real treat to smoke, with an absolutely unique true sativa effect that you will never find in modern hybrids, even the sativa dominant ones do not quite compare to this! Laughter, paranoia, creativity, and so much more is possible. Great memories will be made (and remembered!) when you experience this blast from the past, which many of us have not had the pleasure of encountering until now!

For indoor growers, these plants can be sprouted directly in your flower room, or straight from clones after vegging a mother. They will have a giant stretch period and can grow to amazing size given proper conditions, they can also be kept as small as you need. If at any time the plant is too big, just cut it back, even in half, and it will flower plenty on what is left of the plant! Every grower should try one of these in the corner of their bloom space, it is an experience in history of our plant that is absolutely essential for every grower and smoker.


Flavor: Natural, oldschool mexican sativa

Effect: Happy, laughing, racy, open mind, energized, refreshed, social, paranoid. Unique oldschool sativa qualities compared to modern sativa hybrids.

Flower Time: 16-24 weeks. (May need 11 or 10 hours of light to flower properly for some)

Yield: Grower dependent

Height: Extremely Tall

Difficulty: Advanced

Availability: A pack of FREE seeds that come along with our new releases, FiveStar and Heavenly Sativa!


This is our good sized selective open pollination project for pure genetic preservation, only hermaphrodite plants were removed (of which there were surprisingly few hermie females for such wild genetics, and more hermie males), and there are over 60 combinations of stable male to female Acapulco Gold plants to retain as much original genetic diversity as possible! All the plants we used displayed fantastic stability so there is a lot of potential Thank you to those who made this project possible: Wellgrown, Bodhi, Woodstock.

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