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Panamagoo - Panama Red x Blue Magoo Bx2

One of our favorite oldschool landrace genetics, the famous Panama Red, has been crossed with a special selection out of Blue Magoo BX2 line. This combination brings out the best Panama Red terpenes, smelling uniquely like metallic airport pollution, with an interesting floral swampy component, both heavy and bright at the same time. The Blue Magoo Bx2 ramps up the intensity, making the smells more pungent and the trichome coverage is off the charts! These plants are also easier to grow than the original Panama Red, and have a great yield. A powerful and unique variety sure to please the pickiest oldtimers and younger generations alike! The effects are very strong and psychoactive, with strong mental focus on feeling and thought, as well as loss of time perception and difficulty speaking :) oldschool! Some phenotypes will display pink hairs during flower, under full spectrum cob lights, cmh, or sunlight!


Flavor: Metallic garbage funk with earth notes.

Effect: Brutal. Potent psychadelic, time distortion, confusion.

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Medium-High

Height: Medium

Clones available from time to time at Clonify

Click here to view lab results including cannabinoid and terpene info.


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